Balance in every day life is difficult to find… which is why it’s so important.
We easily fall out-of-balance. We worry too much, don’t sleep enough, internalize our stress and put too much on our plates. As our lives spiral toward instability, Satan lies in wait; imbalance is his opportunity to wreak havoc.
Recalibrate your mind and take care of yourself. When life gets hectic, it’s tempting to put everyone and everything else first, but you must keep watch over your physical, emotional and spiritual health if you’re going to succeed. Balance requires energy, creativity and determination. A half-hearted effort isn’t enough; you must give it your all.
Everything we have to do in life isn’t going to feel good all the time. We all experience periods where it feels as if we just can’t keep going. But we can. We can keep going.
Find small moments of gratitude, simple joy, reflection and rest. And when your journey becomes difficult, because it will, know that God is with you. He gives you a spirit of hope and discipline; He gives you a steady heart of sure-footedness. He will carry you when you aren’t able to carry yourself, as long as you allow Him.
Despite life’s storms, you have the power to claim balance. No matter the circumstances, no matter the obstacles, healthy, grace-filled balance in life is yours to choose.
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