You are Never Stuck

you are never stuck

We have an enormous hunger to find meaning in life, to find comfort and consolation, to find forgiveness and reconciliation, to find reason in our circumstances. In periods of unrelenting stress and strife, trust in God’s unfailing love. There are answers to your questions and everything will be revealed according to God’s plan for your life.
Don’t change every time your circumstances change. Choose to remain steady and balanced. Choose to grow; be better than yesterday. Be more compassionate, more understanding, more forgiving, more wise. Choose to never let life’s struggles define you.
Our emotions are never going away, so we must learn to manage them, rather than allowing them to manage us. Instead of concentrating on how we feel, concentrate on God’s unending love for us. He wants us to flourish even in difficult times. He will show us the way forward.
You are never stuck, no matter how entrenched you feel. There are paths leading you forward, all you need to do is take the first step in faith.
The key to a fulfilling life isn’t changing our situation or circumstances, it’s trusting God to guide us.
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