While periods of joy are welcomed with open arms and an easy smile, sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in life.  If we were to walk through life without any challenges, we would have no opportunity to grow. We would miss the lessons; we would miss the wisdom developed with life’s experiences. Trials are designed to strengthen us, making us more aware of simple, small blessings and the struggles of others.
Rejection is simply redirection. With every “no,” there’s an opportunity to learn where the “yes” may be nearby. Be grateful for every closed door. Just because it wasn’t what you were expecting or hoping for doesn’t mean it’s not everything you’ve been praying for. Our paths are much more intricate than we could ever imagine. Redirection is a gift; it is a “no” for a far greater “yes.” Give every opportunity a chance. Stay focused; use what you have and do everything you can.
Doors are open for you, but you must be up for the challenge. You must be ready to do the hard work. The redirection you’re experiencing is laying the framework for something amazing. Stay positive. Keep going. Never give up.
Your struggle is part of your story; it’s made you who you are. Your journey is not lost, nor in vain. You have the power to inspire many others who are facing their own difficult journey. Take a moment today to reflect on how far you’ve come.
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