All Things to All People

all things to all people

You cannot be all things to all people.
Too often, we live our lives according to what others think is best for us. We weigh our choices based on what our friends, enemies, family, teachers, government and media think. We strive for a certain number of “likes” instead of a certain meaning within our soul.
We’re so busy trying to please others that we forget about ourselves; we’re lulled into ignoring our inner voice and compass. We lose touch with our intuition. We’re so consumed by living up to the expectations of others that we lose control of our own hopes.
We forget what makes us happy. What brings our lives meaning feels so far away. We hardly recognize the vision we once had for our lives. We’ve lost touch with what makes us *us*.
No matter what you think, say or do, you simply cannot be all things to all people. So, stop trying.
You are blessed with this one fascinating life, this one remarkable body, this one irreplaceable soul. You are *you* and no one else. You are precious and beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Stop working so hard for the approval of others at the expense of your dreams.
Don’t allow others to distract you from your truth. Today, and everyday, make a point to embrace what *you* love and follow a path that unites you with your highest vision of life.
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