Don’t be Tied to the Outcome

don't be tied to the outcome

Don’t be tied to the outcome. Detach yourself from the results. Weigh achievements less and whole-hearted effort more.
Let go of expectations, fears, worry and doubt. Forget about what “should” happen or “could” happen and focus on your resolve to try. Free yourself to soak in life’s little joys, surprises and blessings. Don’t be so focused on the happy ending that you miss the joy of the ride.
Your life may not be what you expected, but that doesn’t make it any less exquisite. Your life is a beautiful miracle. Resolve to soak in every delicious moment.
You will walk through difficult chapters, but you never walk alone. Every experience has a deeper meaning and a deeper connection to the path you’re meant to travel.
You’ve made incredible effort to make it this far. No matter the results, no matter the outcome, you are far stronger and more capable than you could ever imagine.
Don’t tie yourself to the outcome, connect yourself with the effort at hand and the wow that is the now.
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