Holding on to Hurt

holding onto hurt

We must be willing to make the hard choices because we won’t always like what is right.
We have a choice in how we treat people. Because of circumstances, situations and personalities, it can be extremely difficult to treat some with kindness. But we must; kindness is what every situation calls for, it is the right choice.
If people make us mad, we must start the process of forgiving them. It’s not easy, but we must choose whether we are going to be imprisoned by our anger or set free by our forgiveness.
Living with anger is like a war within yourself. Holding onto hurt injures no one more than yourself. Although it’s difficult, choose to let go of those who have hurt you. Choose to forgive. Choose to set yourself free.
Sometimes, choosing right over wrong is simple and clean-cut. Other times, the challenge is much more complex. Follow your faith and what you know, in your heart, is right. Be willing to make the hard choices that make your world a better place.
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