Don’t be Discouraged

don't be discouraged

Learn to recognize the pain that the world tries to attach to you.
The world’s pain is different from your personal pain and struggle. Where your personal struggle can be used to positively shape your journey and inspire others, external pain only serves to undermine the light within you. When you feel rejected or when you think of yourself as a failure, you must not allow these feelings into your heart. You are not a failure. You are a beautiful soul with an incredible legacy.
When you have to wait a long time for something or when it seems as if everyone and everything is against you, you may end up tired and worn out. Never lose hope. Refuse to be discouraged. Don’t accept the world’s pain as your own.
It’s a constant battle to discern your personal struggle from the world’s struggle, but it can be done. As you continue to work to recognize the difference, you will see more and more clearly the positive paths your own pain leads to. There is a purpose, there is a reason, there is a why, but you must have the eyes to see it.
Satan yearns to discourage us; he hopes we’ll throw in the towel and not allow our light to shine. He wants to meld the world’s pain with our own to blanket us in darkness.
Be faithful in the fight. Let your light shine.
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