If we want to hear from God, we must learn to hear His voice. One way to hear from Him is to listen to our conscience.
Listening to our conscience widens the window God uses to lead us, and each time we listen, we see more light.  Each time, a little more of God’s plan for our life is revealed. His plan, His intentions are bigger and better than any of our wildest dreams. His architecture is more powerful than we could ever imagine.
Once we see that listening to God leads us to our very best life, it becomes easier to trust Him and follow His voice.
Seeking God for answers is a developed skill. Many people don’t see God because they aren’t seeking Him. And there’s no wonder – so much noise snarls our lives and darkness slowly creeps in.
We can’t be happy when it feels as if there’s no light in the future. We must learn to listen to our conscience consistently, allowing it to weigh in on situations we face, tempering us, even when our mouths want to move in the opposite direction. Seeking and listening to our conscience brings light to our path. Trusting God helps us take that first step forward into the light.
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