Commit to Keep Going

commit to keep going

Your pain, your challenges, and even some rough days may feel insurmountable. Their culmination may make you want to quit. And in that moment where you’d rather throw up your hands and throw in the towel, keep going.
Keep going because you know there is more to life than this. Keep going because you are more than the sum of your pain. Keep going because there is always, always a light through your struggle.
Pain will bruise you, batter you, discourage you, but it will never defeat you. You are stronger than you could ever imagine. When persevering is the last thing on earth you want to do, do it anyway.
Someday, you’ll look back on the landscape of your life. You’ll remember the times you overcame all odds, the days where you embraced the positive possibilities and rejected giving up. You’ll feel the power of your own human spirit, the determination in your soul. You’ll be proud that you fought for what you knew was right all along.
Today, commit to keep going. Commit to persevering. Commit and push ahead. When the cards are stacked and the pain is palpable, only give in the to temptation to triumph. Pen your story of perseverance. Be fierce, be strong, be you.
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