Remember the Good

remember the good

You concentrate too much on what you’ve done wrong, and you take less note of what you’ve done right.
What about the good things you did yesterday? What about the positive impact you made last week? Your heart is big and that’s what matters.
Don’t be so hard on yourself for mistakes or shortcomings from the past. Don’t be so hard on yourself, period. Look beyond the stumbles and see the truly great things you’ve brought to life.
We get so caught up in trying to be perfect in every aspect that we forget the most important gift, the grace of our loving God. He wants you to remember the good things; He wants you to know that you’ve made a difference.
What lies in your heart far outweighs any action or inaction. Choose to love Him and you’ll find God’s perfect place, right in the palm of His hand, guiding you forward.
Remember the good you do for others. Remember the good person that you are… more often.
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