Stand Firmly

stand firmly

There may be times when it feels as if you’ll never move forward, but know that you don’t have to go backward. You may not know how to forge ahead, but you can stand firmly on what you know of God.
Don’t passively yield to life’s difficult circumstances. Don’t give up the ground you’ve gained. Don’t allow the enemy to drive you back in the hole God helped you from. Stand strong in faith and know that your next steps will be guided.
The way forward may not be clear at all times. Listen to God’s quiet voice within you. You may be asked to abide in your present situation. You may be asked to advance steadily. You may be asked to take a leap of faith. Whatever you’re called to do, you most certainly have the strength and the tools to get it done. The road may be intimidating, but have the courage to make your way forward, no matter what you’re called to do.
The past is in the past for a reason. Allow it to build your confidence, wisdom and intuition, but don’t allow it to define the tone of your journey. Everything that’s happened has built the beautiful person in the mirror.
Stand firmly on what you know of God and allow Him to guide your footsteps confidently forward.
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