Just as you are

just as you are

God has begun good works within you and He will bring them to completion.
It’s okay to have weaknesses, and in admitting your weaknesses, God will strengthen you in them. What you see as a shortcoming may be a tool He uses to light your way, flowing through you to illuminate your journey and the journey of others.
Lean on Him. Share your fears with Him. He will carry you. Where you stop, God begins.
God wants you to love yourself, just as you are. No matter what you face today, He is working through you. He is there. Love yourself in spite of everything you see wrong. Give all of yourself to Him – what you are and especially what you are not.
Learn how to live in the light and not be afraid of it, and your life will change for the better.
May your New Year be filled with faith, love, laughter and the very best things in life.
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