Don’t Run Away

don't run away

When our lives become difficult, it’s tempting to run from our problems, but the adversity we face has the power to draw us closer to God.
Trust Him during the challenges. Have faith in His unique plan for your life and resist the urge to run away. Be confident in whatever He asks you to do and stay steadfast while He works out the difficulties.
You’ve seen God’s work in your life. You’ve witnessed His blessings and His grace. You’ve seen these things because you’ve gone through incredibly challenging times before this. You’ve seen His presence make a difference in your life.
The moment you feel like running away is the exact moment to drop to your knees in prayer and ask for help. Ask that God guide you through the hardships so that you can fulfill His plan for your life. Have faith that His plan for your life is bigger than you could ever imagine.
Don’t run away from your problems and don’t run from God when challenges arise in your life. Instead, take up the armor that is your trust in Him and go confidently, knowing that He will show you the way.
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