Ask for Help

ask for help

Looking back at your life, you probably have many reasons to be hurt or angry. Terrible things happen to good people.
But there is always something bigger at work. Always. There is always a lesson, and it’s usually found in what you take away from the experience. It’s in how you move forward.
It’s tempting to preserve the pain, to keep it close, reminding yourself of the depths from which you’ve come.
But is that the best use of your energy?
Yes, your past has played a part in who you are now: the beautiful, strong, capable person that smiles back at you in the mirror. But your past doesn’t define you. Your life and your legacy are so much bigger than the sum of your experiences.
Be careful of “preserving the ruins” of the past. Be wary of how many times your mind revisits the pain.
Instead, ask God to help you rebuild. Ask Him to release you from the pain of the past. He will build you up from the ruins. He will take your hand and lead you through the reconstruction.
Is it time to step away from the past and rebuild your life? Ask God to help you begin.
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