Undeveloped Potential

undeveloped potential

Results aren’t achieved overnight.
It takes patience, perseverance and the unwavering belief that all things are possible with God’s help.
It’s natural to want our journey clearly defined. It’s frustrating when we feel lost or without direction. It’s scary to step out in faith and take the reins of what we’re meant to do with our life.
We have a calling. We have undeveloped potential. But unless we have the courage to make something of what lies within, we will continue to live the status quo. Unless we step out in faith, God can’t work in us to develop our true potential.
No one else can do the hard work for us. No one else can be determined for us. No one else can want it more than we want it for ourselves.
If we procrastinate, the enemy will work to steal everything we have. He will push doubt and fear into our life, but everything he tells us is a lie, for *all* things are possible with God’s help.
Give life to your potential by doing something with it. You’ll never discover how gifted you are unless you try.
Where is God leading you? Step out today in faith and begin the journey He’s set for you. You’ll soon discover you’re capable of more than you ever imagined.
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