Chaos to Peace

chaos to peace

When we feel attacked on all sides by an invisible assailant, it’s difficult to know what to do.
Some days, it feels as if chaos creeps in and surrounds us. It’s as if we’re a lightning rod for adversity; our challenges feel insurmountable. Our circumstances, our emotions, our heartbreaks contribute to the chaos. We feel abandoned. We feel scared. We wonder why all this is happening.
How do we make sense of this mess? How do we find safety amidst the turmoil? How do we overcome our own storms? How do we turn chaos into peace?
In the middle of the storm, we turn our anxious hearts to Him. We hope. We trust. We put our ultimate faith in Him. No matter how dark the storm, God has the power to rescue us from the chaos. Take the hand of the One who says, “It’s me. Don’t be afraid” (Matthew 14:27, Mark 6:50; John 6:20). Keep your eyes on Him and trust that He will deliver you from the pain you face.
“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning” (Lamentations 3:23 NIV).
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