Wisdom for the Journey

wisdom for the journey

As we embark on new chapters in our life, it may feel as if we’re ill-equipped for the journey ahead. But that isn’t true – we have everything we need.
When we walk with God, He gives us wisdom to carry us through. He keeps our footsteps steady and guides us each day. Even when God doesn’t answer us directly, it doesn’t mean He isn’t leading us forward.
We are given wisdom that helps us discern truth in any situation; have the courage to use it. Be patient, slow your steps and listen. Excitement and emotional energy won’t carry us where we need to go; we need God’s energy to succeed.
When we come to a crossroad and aren’t sure of the next step, ask for help. Trust your instincts, rely on your wisdom and patiently allow God the opportunity to intervene and guide your path.
We’re not meant to fear the future. We’re meant to live well and love fully. Trust you already have the wisdom for your journey and your path will be guided. Because you do and it will.
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