What We Believe, We Feel

what we believe we feel

The enemy of hope is discouragement.
When we feel hopeless, we feel the heavy temptation to give in to our circumstances. But those moments of discouragement are crucial, pivotal moments in which we *must* keep going.
In difficult times, step back and examine your thoughts. What do they look like? What do they say to you? What do they say about your life? You become what you think. If your thoughts are discouraged, you will be discouraged. If you feel hopeless, you will live without hope. But if you have the courage to change your outlook, everything else changes with it.
Find ways to be positive, no matter the challenges. There are always things to be thankful for – choose to think on these things. Live with hope. Live encouraged.
We like everything instantaneous. There are times when God asks us to be patient and put more faith in Him and His plan for our life. Sometimes, good things are gained little by little. Find contentment in patience and abide in gratitude as things unfold, for their order and timing is deliberate.
What we believe, we feel. Choose to believe the very best possibilities are at work.
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