Where there is change, there is also uncertainty. As life’s twists and turns shape us, change is the ever-present undercurrent, the engine that drives life. Sometimes change is subtle, other times it shakes us from slumber. But in every instance, change opens our eyes to something vital: it adds one more path of our purpose to the map.
Just as change is inevitable, so is abundance, if you choose to see it. Look closely. It’s there, tucked in the folds of every choice we make. Recognize it and feel the joy that comes with embracing life’s treasure map of surprises.
Life would not hold the same value if everything was predictable and planned. Similarly, if you pass over the potential for joy that accompanies change, you walk away from the lesson.

You can choose to see change as uncomfortable, or you can choose to see it as the vessel that reveals more opportunities for positivity in your life. Today – and every day – you get to decide.
This is your life. Live it will an illustrious love for the unknown. Surrender to life’s changes, laugh more and see the amazing goodness at your fingertips every moment of every day.
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