Right for a Friend, Not Right for Us

right for a friend, not right for us

We each walk a unique path. What may be right for a friend may not be right for us. We have an individual calling, a unique journey.
We may not understand why what’s right for a friend isn’t right for us, but God guides us for a reason. He knows more about us than we could ever imagine. He infinitely knows the path He’s set us on.
God has different plans for each of us, but He doesn’t push or shove us down the path. Instead, He gently leads us, inviting us to follow. The more we allow Him to lead us, the more we’re able to hear Him in our daily lives.
Understand that any “no” is a doorway to a far greater “yes.” Your “yes” will look different from that of your friend and that’s exactly what God wants for your life, for you are uniquely loved and uniquely blessed.
Your path may look different than you imagined and that’s okay. Each day, God is leading you on a journey for which your meant. And He is with you.
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