Just Make Progress

just make progress

To make progress in life, you don’t have to be perfect, you simply must make the conscious decision to be perfectly capable of improving.
No single event is ever the full story. Life’s richness lies in its series of lessons learned and interconnected journeys. Embrace teachable moments rather than keeping score of your struggles.
Your legacy is so much more than a series of events or a culmination of circumstances. The road you walk, albeit difficult at times, is filled with abundant beauty that is truly, uniquely yours. It is your powerful, inspiring story. Choose to see it as such.
Allow your missteps and mistakes to strengthen you. Every obstacle serves a purpose; every challenge builds your resolve, and perseverance will continue to be your guide as long as you continue to invite it in.
The events of your life serve a purpose but they don’t singularly define you. Because of the road you’ve walked, you’re strong beyond measure. Choose to learn from the past and be powerfully present for the opportunities that are right here and now. Don’t try to be perfect, just make progress.
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