Through the Challenges

through the challenges

Weary and discouraged from a difficult, seemingly endless journey, you may have a heavy heart from life’s challenges. Your trek sometimes leads you through a dark, lonely tunnel, littered with obstacles and disappointments. But you persevere. Because you are a warrior.
Every tunnel ends in a ray of hope, a promise of a better tomorrow. It’s only in darkness that you can truly appreciate powerful opportunities the light brings.
Search for the tiniest blessings in the dark – the simplest joys and small moments of gratitude have the power to shed just enough light for you to take a step forward. And another. Then another.
This tunnel is not a stopping place, nor a destination. It leads somewhere; it serves a powerful purpose in your journey. It is a short cut through the mountain of life’s challenges. Yes, it is difficult and much will be required of you, but the sun is still shining on the outside.
Although it can be difficult to look up, life is more than the ground at our feet, more than any tunnel that seemingly confines us. You can choose to see beauty and hope, even in the darkest of circumstances. Make that choice today and let moments of joy light your way through the challenges.
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