The Life You Planned

the life you planned

Your path may not be what you expected for your life, but that doesn’t make your purpose any less beautiful or any less powerful. Let go of the life you planned so as to embrace the life that is waiting for you.
Doors will open and doors will close. Some will slam shut, others will creak open slowly, and still others will close gently. As you wait for a door to open, learn to be content in the hallway.
You may not be able to see what’s beyond the doorways in your life, but trust that you have the strength to get through whatever comes your way. You may struggle and you may stumble, but have faith that you will always find a way to work through the challenges. And when you have nothing left to give, trust that God will carry you until you find your footing again and beyond.
To simply abide is difficult, but in those moments, hours and days of waiting, you’re able to get a glimpse of an overarching peace. One that makes tough periods bearable. Both joy and suffering lead us to our purpose and fulfill who we’re meant to become. Everyone you meet and everything that happens to you represent a unique opportunity to choose joy and contentment.
At every point in our journey, there is a choice to say “yes” and a choice to say “no” to the life that awaits us. Choose today to open the door, live on faith and embrace the beautiful life that’s waiting for you.

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