We keep photos of our family in our phone, readily showing them to friends and acquaintances. They are treasured mementos of those we love dearly.
What if you you were asked to show the photo you carry of yourself within your heart? What would your perception of yourself look like?
It’s easy to begin to believe our worth and self value are tied to outward appearances and what we do, rather than who we are. We crave approval from others, feeling as if we need it to be happy and secure. But all this simply isn’t true. No amount of showing or doing can replace what is within our heart. Our worth isn’t measured by the approval or disapproval of others.
Until we accept ourselves, just as we are, no amount of approval from others will satisfy our need to feel secure. God accepts us as we are. He knows we make mistakes. He sees within our heart, loves us unconditionally, and He’s the only one who freely gives us love, comfort, forgiveness, security, worth and acceptance. We only need God’s approval and love and those come from our faith in Him.
Be mindful of what you think of yourself and be kind to yourself. God’s grace has the power to see you through whatever you fear, whatever feels empty within you. He will never leave you and He will fulfill your every need.
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