Your Gift to Others

your gift to others

People often need a reason to accept and love us, but God does not.
We often try to get from others what only God can give – complete acceptance, genuine love and a sense of worth.
God loves and values us because He wants to. There is nothing we can say or do to earn His love – He simply loves. Just because we’re unable to understand His mercy and grace from a human perspective doesn’t stop Him from giving it.
We need to know that we’ve been made right through God’s ultimate sacrifice of His son, not through anything we’ve done or left undone. God gives us love and asks that we give love to others. He uses us as we are, perfectly imperfect, asking us to share His light wherever we go.
God won’t ask us to give anything He doesn’t first give us the grace to give. He blesses us with kindness and mercy and asks that we bless others with the same.
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