Believe What’s Possible

believe what's possible2

Discipline yourself to do what you believe, not what you feel.
Our moods have the tendency to sway us. They often generate counter-productive impulses that fly in the face of what we know to be right. A bad mood doesn’t have to deteriorate the entire day. Understand your mood, but don’t allow it to dictate your actions.
Likewise, our feelings sometimes push us around. Although it’s important to acknowledge what we feel, investing too much in our present emotions makes us wobbly. Putting excessive stock in our emotions often leaves us feeling victimized, punished and frustrated by life’s challenges.
Instead, submit your emotions to wisdom. Don’t let life derail you; allow it to fuel your determination and reinforce your resolve. Understand your feelings but also understand the importance of not living life subject to them.
Go beyond what you think is possible. Stay on track and rise above the obstacles in your path. Understand that the future is laden with possibilities if you choose to believe. Abiding in the realm of opportunity, no matter the present emotion, is an empowered way to live.
Choose to see the bigger picture, the landscape that spreads before you, not simply the dirt at your feet. Live by belief, trust your intuition and know that the future is yours to create.
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