Hope Ambassadors

Rheumatoid arthritis affects millions worldwide.  It’s seldom understood outside of our community.

Patients of our disease are well-versed in fighting unfathomable pain, working to overcome extreme adversity and conquering our own bodies each and every day.

My mission is to change the dynamic of isolation and loneliness that this disease creates.


I want to build a culture of Hope for others living with RA.

One that goes far beyond geographical boundaries and unites an entire empire of support.  One that hugs, laughs, loves, smiles and uplifts, even on the darkest days.

Will you join me?

Become a Hope Ambassador and share your story with the greater autoimmune community by completing the form below.  Please also submit 1-5 photos of yourself (include your first and last name in the subject line); these will be shared with your biography/information on our featured Hope Ambassadors page.


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