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  • Keep Moving.  Why taking care of your body (and fitness) must become a part of your life – it’s now more important than ever to keep moving.  Plus, tips on getting started and staying inspired.


Lora’s Story

Sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to relate to someone with RA.  You are not alone in this life.  These are snippets from Lora’s journey with rheumatoid arthritis.

  • A Dark, Lonely Road.  There are dark days living with rheumatoid arthritis .. But you are never alone.
  • Behind These Doors.  So much of our pain hides behind closed doors .. From the secrecy of this misunderstood disease to the walls we build to protect ourselves .. How I finally opened the door and found my voice with RA.
  • Finding Your Compass.  Navigating life with RA in a crazy world can be tricky, but there’s a way to locate your true north .. Adjust your sails for the journey, and find your compass in the process…
  • Life As I Knew It + The Ugly Caterpillar.  One day, I walked away from my life.  I simply walked away.  In the painful months before my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, my journey actually began when I left my life, as I  knew it, in my rear view mirror.  Terrifying and empowering at the same time, I struggled to find my own identity, blaze my own trail.  Those times, beginning with closing a door and having faith another would open, inspired me to share my story.  They’ve also transformed my love and zest for life.
  • Now What?  How I arrived at the decision to start hopecourageinspiration.com and the #hope movement, and why it’s so close to my heart.
  • One Foot .. In Front of the Other.  How one inspiring reader gave my day true perspective .. YOUR stories are amazing .. And a simple blue print on overcoming even the toughest days with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Stepping Out of the Shadows.  So often, the pain of our past strips the joy of our future .. Read about my own battle in stepping out of the shadows, how it profoundly impacted my life, and learn how you can do it, too.
  • The Journey from Lost.  Ever feel lost battling RA? Like there’s no antidote for the loneliness of an autoimmune disease? Why one of the scariest components of rheumatoid arthritis is the linchpin in moving forward and finding Hope.
  • The World, According to Lora.  I’m quirky, goofy and most likely to be caught with a smile.  But I do get fired up, on occasion… And it usually involves the challenge:  “Oh, you think I can’t?  Well, watch me.”  Another anecdote on why I’m so passionate about my fellow RA-warriors-in-arms.
  • Why Run Uphill?  Why running uphill has become my story and my calling .. And how conquering your fears and strengthening your mindset is crucial to thrive with RA.


Stubborn Inspiration

This sub-header is undoubtedly one of Lora’s favorites .. Quips, quotes and articles that are “Hear Us Now!” hope serum for those warriors who refuse to allow RA to define our lives.  Need an injection of inspiration?  You’ve found it.

  • #hopeliveshere.  Are there days where your frustration gets the best of you?  Where your anger overtakes your joy?  Where your sadness eclipses your hope?  #hopeliveshere shows how you can change all that – one action item at a time.
  • A Question of Why Not.  Beware of self-talk that implies you’re not worthy of the very best in life – laughter, love, happiness, health, and financial freedom .. RA doesn’t have to steal your JOY.
  • Break Through.  Even when it seems that life is not good to you, be good to life. Take the road less traveled and break through.
  • Forgiveness.  Want the power of a better, happier life at your fingertips?  The answer could be simpler than you think.
  • It’s YOUR Time.  CREATE your reality and make JOY your drug of choice.
  • Live to Full Potential.  It’s easy to wonder why we’ve been diagnosed with RA, but there are opportunities everywhere to live to full potential.  Let’s have many more days where we sing at the top of our lungs, laugh until we cry and dance as if no one’s watching…
  • Rut, Rut .. GOOSE!  My self-experimentation of duck-duck-GOOSE to get myself out of an RA rut .. And an easy 10-point blueprint on implementing new, positive habits in your life.
  • Short Term Memory.  How do we fill our lives with more tough-minded optimism? How do we overcome the challenges of living with rheumatoid arthritis? How we thrive, not just live with RA? It’s all about the short-term memory…
  • Simple Inspiration.  What does my “day” job, thank you cards and RA have to do with one another? Find out what I’ve learned + how it can help YOU.
  • The Hope Manifesto.  The moment I chose Passion over pessimism .. Effort over easy .. Faith over fear.  And why I’d do it again in an instant.  Refuel your tank with this piece.
  • Your Life: A Beautiful Paradox.  Do we walk similar steps with RA and chronic pain? Our journeys are related, yet unique. The post is a short poem about my life’s experience.



These writings are thoughtful tid-bits that you can implement immediately to begin to transform your journey with RA.

  • Backpacks Packed by Other People.  How do you write your own story – on YOUR terms – when you’ve been diagnosed with RA or another autoimmune disease? Blaze your own, inspiring trail and learn how to thrive with rheumatoid arthritis!
  • Chronically Inspiring.  Dealing with RA and chronic pain isn’t for wussies .. How can we shed light on what it’s like to live with rheumatoid arthritis, while choosing to be chronically inspiring in our every day lives?
  • Every Moment Lives Within this Moment.  How our minute-to-minute choices shape our reality, and how we can make an impact by arming ourselves with hope.
  • Fly in Life, but Not Like a Bunch of Birds.  Simply SOAR with these easy tips on setting and sticking to your goals – in your day-to-day life and your journey with rheumatoid arthritis .. Find your excitement and enthusiasm .. Don’t just live with RA, thrive with RA.
  • Infinite Possibility.  Each day we have a choice .. Each day, we *alone* have the power to label – will this day be “good” or “bad”? Choosing how we see the day is one of the most important decisions of the 24 hours we’re gifts. Discover the infinite possibility of *this* day.
  • One True Thing.  What ONE TRUE THING can make THE difference in living your life to the very fullest? And, discover insight on dealing with the Mack trucks that show up in our battle with rheumatoid arthritis. We may have an autoimmune disease, but RA doesn’t have us!
  • Purposeful Action.  Wishing + hoping aren’t enough when you have a dream of DOING .. How does purposeful action help you live your most authentic life while also dealing with RA?
  • Sunshine Vampires and Gumballs.  How in the world are vampires and gumballs related? And what the heck do they have to do with rheumatoid arthritis? Find nuggets of inspiration in dealing with RA and anyone (or anything) who tries to steal your sunshine.
  • The One Day Schlep.  Cue theme music from the old show “One Day at a Time:” How thinking day-by-day can increase your QUALITY of and ZEST for life when living with rheumatoid arthritis .. Don’t squelch the small stuff – it all matters.
  • The Stubborn Voice of Sunshine.  Living with rheumatoid arthritis tests our spirit .. It shakes us to the very core .. But RA doesn’t have to define You… Learn how the stubborn voice of sunshine can push you forward through adversity and help you live the life of your dreams.
  • Unusual Foe.  If someone says, “That’s unrealistic,” I say “Horse poop!”  Let go of the “realistic” vs. “unrealistic” wars and open yourself to the sheer opportunity of fulfilling your destiny!
  • Where Life and Laughter Intersect.  Life is full of curve balls and hard knocks, and it certainly isn’t always fair… When it feels like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, this *one* thing may carry you through. It’s my favorite medicine.
  • Winter’s Pain.  So much of our pain with RA is quietly tucked behind closed doors .. Winter’s seeping chill wiggles its way into our senses, sidles up beside us and reminds us of the battle our body wages upon itself.  But we choose to never lose hope.


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