The Every Day Hope Messages website and email edition are copyright material. They are provided to you for your personal, non-commercial use and enjoyment. Any use of Every Day Hope Messages not specifically allowed in this document is prohibited.

Personal Use:
You may print copies of Every Day Hope Messages for your own personal use and to share with people you know (family, friends, colleagues, coworkers) on a one-to-one basis.

Linking to Every Day Hope Messages:
You are welcome to include a LINK to Every Day Hope Messages on your website and you do not need permission for this. The best address to link to is:

Limited Email Sharing and Distribution:
You do not have permission to forward Every Day Hope Messages by email on a continuing basis to others. If you wish to forward an occasional message, you are welcome to do so, provided you:

  • Forward no more than 8 messages per calendar month to any one person, and
  • Forward only to others with whom you correspond regularly and who know and recognize your name, and
  • Include the message in its entirety, complete with copyright notice and web address, and
  • Include an introduction identifying yourself and stating the message is being sent by you.

Email sharing or forwarding that does not meet all four of the above criteria is strictly forbidden.

Website Reproduction Not Permitted:
You may not reproduce or display Every Day Hope Messages on your website, although you are welcome to link to Every Day Hope Messages from your website. The best address to use is:

Public Speaking, Lectures, Seminars and Classroom Use:
You may quote Every Day Hope Messages in any spoken presentation in front of an audience or classroom, as long as you give credit to Lora Tucker Kaasch as the author. If fitting, mentioning the Every Day Hope Messages website ( would be appreciated.

Permission for Re-Prints:
If you would like to reprint a selected article from the Every Day Hope Messages in your newsletter or other print publication, you must request permission in advance for each specific article you wish to use. Please use our online Reprint Permission Request Form(LINK) to request permission. Turn-around times average 1-2 days. Please note: we do not grant blanket permission for reprinting articles from Every Day Hope Messages.

Any other use of material from Every Day Hope Messages is prohibited unless specifically arranged in advance and granted by the author or Tucker Kaasch, LLC.

For inquiries regarding licensing information and the use of Every Day Hope Messages in books, magazines, newspapers, websites, television or radio broadcasts, faxes, email newsletters and any other use not covered in this document, please use the Special Permission Request Form(LINK).


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