Now you can listen to the archive of Every Day Hope messages and audio versions of special features! Enjoy and thank you for visiting with me!

Every Day Hope Messages:

It’s Never Too Late:

Conquer Fear:

Redefine Failure:

The Opinions of Others:

Only Survivors:

The Past is Gone:

Don’t Let Life Float By:

No Single Event is Every the Full Story:

Stand Up for Yourself:


This Too, Shall Pass:

Just Say No to Energy Vampires:

Don’t Chase Happiness:

You Haven’t Given Up:

Let Yesterday Be:

Living with Hope:

Never Give In:

Presence in the Face of Pain:

The World’s Illusion:

Joy Makes You Strong:

Keep Going:


This is Your Life:

Reframe Your Perspective:

The Hardest Moments:

The First Step to Healing:

Broad Shoulders:

The Don’t Wait Manifesto:

Abundance Perspective:

What Makes Your Soul Smile:

The First Step:

Move Your Dreams from Someday:

From a Quiet Place:


From the Seeds of Discontent:

Crisis, Circumstances and Choice:

Set Yourself Free:

The Shackles of Judgment:

Step Out of the Shadows:

Life, Uncentered:

Choose Joy in Your Reality:

Life’s Storm Showers:

How Strong You Are:

Light at the End of the Tunnel:

A Life You Create:

Progress in the Small Steps:

Don’t Stand Alone:

More than Meets the Eye:

Your story:

Keep Going:

Powerful Peace:

Easy Isn’t Worth It:

Anger’s Eclipse:

From Within:

Power in the No:


Compassionate Living:

Let Go of Guilt:

Faith in the Possibilities:

Take the Stairs:

Worry Less:

Enthusiasm as Energy:

Live Life on Purpose:

Embrace Change:

Dance in the Rain:

Beauty in Simple Moments:

Special Features:

Battle Flag – My personal story of struggle and overcoming odds:


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