The Hardest Moments

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

The hardest moments of patience lie just beyond your prayer request. For in those moments, hours and days, you wait hopefully for an answer, unsure of what that answer will look like.

You pray, seek and abide, ever-hopeful for an outcome of your own architecture, one that fits your pal and jives with your vision. I say this because I can relate; I am just like you.

And yet our prayers are answered uniquely and completely, with His own hand, crafted by His love for us and according to the beautiful tapestry of our lives. Dark threads give way to rich, vibrant explosions of color and no two stories are alike.

Listen quietly, listen carefully. Answers to prayer may appear as a whisper in the wind, a rap at the door or they may knock us over completely. And while the most exquisite works of art are crafted patiently and deliberately, the art of navigating our abundant blessings requires a close and steady ear.

Choose to clear the noise of the world, embrace unshakeable faith and make the effort to listen closely and carefully for answers to your prayers. I will be by your side, listening too.

the hardest moments