Crisis, Circumstances and Choice

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

There are only three ways to change the direction of our lives for better or worse: crisis, circumstances and choice. Each one of these are architects at work in our lives. Yet one is much more powerful – and positive – than the rest.

Tragedies will befall you. They can upheave your life and shift your focus for a bit. They can hurt, sting and downright change you. But they will never defeat you, for you can choose to see the positive possibilities, even in the darkest of days. In every crisis, there is a choice to see the good, the smallest blessings that hide in the folds of pain.

The ebb and flow of life is all around you. You are surrounded by circumstances – both good and bad –  that are out of your control, beyond your grasp. Choose to embrace the flow of life around you; choose to see blessings in the panorama that is your life in this moment.

The most powerful tool to change your trajectory in life is free will and the ability to choose, be it unconsciously or consciously.

Unconscious choice bends you to the will of the material world. It is how you end up living another’s life. It is both dangerous and destructive.

Conscious choice, on the other hand, is the heart of authenticity. It is the act of being powerfully present and living life on purpose. It is wholly, genuinely and uniquely YOU. When you quiet your soul and make a choice consciously and peacefully, you awaken to the positive opportunities that exist in that moment and subsequent moments. You are choosing to shape, sculpt and architect your life on purpose.

Tragedies and circumstances are inevitable, but arm yourself with the power of conscious choice and interpret everything that occurs in your life from an empowering perspective that you – and you alone – choose.

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