Don’t Stand Alone

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

You are brave. You are strong beyond measure. And although you are capable and powerful, don’t walk this journey alone.

It is humbling to ask for help; it is even more humbling to accept help. But you must; you must seek the help of others.

You are not called to walk this journey alone. You will crawl through jungles; you will climb mountains and you will sometimes stagger through battlefields, but you will overcome any obstacle that tries to thwart you. Harness the power of loved ones and feel your blessings multiply. Where there was just one, now there are two, four, an army.

The support of your advocates is tangible. Their smiles enable your smile during the most difficult trials. Embrace the love they share with you. Yes, it requires humility to accept the joy of others, but allow it into your life. Feel the infusion of their support into every fiber of your fight.

Don’t stand alone in this journey. Allow others to give, for those giving also receive. Deepen the relationships with those around you and feel the mirrored joy in every moment.

don't stand alone