A Life of Effort

a life of effort

It is easy to become stagnant and even drift backwards, but we must press forward, no matter how we feel in the moment.
While it is easy to be lured into the thinking that we should be able to claim victories without effort, effortless living isn’t effective. Everything good is paired with effort.
We were not created for an effortless life. We were built to withstand challenges and adversity. We were made to utilize and hone our talents and gifts. We were created for work, participation and involvement.
We are not meant to struggle with everything, but we are also not made to give up easily or quit. Our lives develop our perseverance, one of the most valuable traits we possess. Forget what lies behind. Make the decision to press on. Embrace the effort ahead.
See beyond the struggle, rise above the challenge, face the hard work head-on. Our life is a life of beautiful, rewarding effort.
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