Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

What do you have to lose? Truly, honestly, what do you have to lose by taking up your dreams and living true to your authentic self? And what are you waiting for?

Sure, circumstances aren’t perfectly aligned and perhaps the timing isn’t ideal, but why put off your dreams another day? No one but *you* can make your highest vision for yourself a reality. Start today.

At the end of it all, you will regret most the chances you didn’t take and the moons you didn’t shoot for. A life well-lived begins at the expiration of all the “what ifs.”

Take chances, live your song and leave less of the “undones.” You may make mistakes along the way, but that’s the hallmark a life lived with empowerment and without regret.

You are the conductor of this orchestra; you decide the music you invite into your life. Make sure it’s a soundtrack to make you swoon when you look back over the years.