Commit to Forward Motion

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Small steps are still steps forward. Never underestimate the impact a small, positive motion will have on your life when repeated.

Each morning, choose your attitude for the day and make the conscious decision to move closer to your goals. Positively shape your mindset to match your determination and focus on what you want to accomplish. With each completed task, feel your confidence and competence grow.

As long as you persist and do the right things every day, however small, you continue to move forward even when it feels as if you’re standing still. Motivation passes but habits prevail. Commit to discipline each and every day, even when the odds are against you, for the hardest days are often the ones that matter most.

Be responsible to yourself and to the beautiful future in front of you. Work every day to make positive choices in your life. When you stumble, forgive yourself but give your all to not make the same mistake twice.

Commit and recommit yourself to forward motion each day and witness how far you’ve come and how far you can go.

commit to forward motion