Break Free from Your Past

You are so much more than the sum of your experiences.

Perhaps you feel as if your future is determined by your past challenges and your present situation. Only you know where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through. You may have battled to get here, and every day may feel difficult. Choose to believe in the power of the future; it all begins with faith.

You may feel the need to always be in control, protecting yourself from others and preventing the world from hurting you. This may be a consequence of the journey you’ve walked. Perhaps you lock others out, only to lock yourself in, shutting out the joys of life. But there is a way out; there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be unsure of where you’re going, or where you wish to go. Perhaps everything in your life is based on what you’ve seen and what you can see. But so much of life is beyond sight. Tremendous beauty lies within the unlimited dreams and visions for the future. You can do anything, be anything and feel anything you choose. Life begins at the end of your wing span; everything you desire is just beyond arm’s reach.

Yes, you will have to stretch to get there, but with faith and determination, anything is possible. Your future isn’t affected by your past; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. When you fully and completely believe in the limitless possibilities of your future, you can truly appreciate the path that led you to the horizon. Believe that you can be set free from your past and it will be so.

Every great future begins with faith and a vision for all things possible. It’s your turn.
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