The Sum of What You’ve Overcome

You are not the sum of your hardships. You are the sum of what you’ve overcome.

You are not the sum of your accomplishments. You are the sum of who you’ve helped rise above.

You are not the sum of your possessions. You are the sum of what lies within your heart.

Difficulties aren’t simply found on your path, they *are* your path. They are *the* way. They are the means to the life of your dreams. Every “no” brings you closer to the resounding “yes.”

Choose to amend your perspective: don’t see difficulties as mere problems or road blocks, view them as empowering lessons and tools for your toolbox. They provide valuable insight on your journey. They mold and shape your character, resolve and philosophies.

Refrain from comparing your journey to that of others. Just as we are beautifully unique individuals, our paths are also vastly different. We each need our own time to travel the distance for which we’re meant. Our journeys will not look the same; our strides will be distinctive, our learning curves will each be our own. With every step forward, strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Let others in when you’re in a dark place. Allow them to show you the light that shines through the outline of the door. Take the outstretched hand; find your way out.

Hidden within the obstacles are incredible opportunities to take action. Accept your path, embrace your journey and believe that you have the tools to overcome whatever comes your way.

Because you do.
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the sum of what you've overcome