Live with Zest

Discover life in every moment. In playing, in listening, in times of strife, in periods of joy. The sum of all moments is the symphony of life, perfectly imperfect.

As we strive to plan and improve, remember to breathe, to look around and to enjoy the moments that surround you. Live life on purpose. Live life intentionally. The onset of sadness is when we allow life to slip by, unnoticed.

Seize opportunities to relish the small moments, the big moments and every moment in between. Each moment matters, every breath has a purpose. This is your life; don’t let it just float by.

Grab the powerful possibilities and ride the wave of life. Forget, if only for a moment, the present pain that plagues you. Adjust your mindset so that joy never slips by again. Snare gratitude and ask it to be your daily companion. Don’t let everything rush by without soaking up the vibrancy of life’s perfect imperfections.

Life is what you make it, regardless of situations and circumstances. Refuse to be unduly absorbed with the challenges and live with renewed zest and purpose. You don’t only live once, you only live right now. Make it count.

live with zest

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