A Compassionate Teacher

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

We teach people how to treat us – through our words, our actions and our responses to what happens to us. Choose to be a compassionate teacher and lovingly lead by example.

Not every day will be a “good” day, and not every day will be a “bad” day, but within each day, and within each moment, is an opportunity to live well and choose compassionately.

Our snap judgments and knee-jerk reactions get us into trouble. Take a moment, step back and live life on purpose. Ask yourself if your response contributes to or detracts from the legacy you’re working to build. Be a vessel of compassion in an otherwise troubled world.

The moments you invest in teaching and living compassionately return to you, time and time again.

Be a compassionate teacher and a compassionate leader. Take an extra moment today and craft your legacy by living with love, one moment at a time.

a compassionate teacher