Reframe Your Perspective

Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

Your thoughts shape your reality and while they can’t control your external circumstances, your thoughts powerfully impact how you experience those circumstances.

In difficult times, what you think about is even more important. Empowering, positive thoughts allow you to reframe a challenging perspective; they are fundamental, yet transformative. A simple thought has the ability to create lasting peace, no matter the pain you feel, as long as you consciously choose what you think on most.

Don’t allow your mind to wander aimlessly or internalize the world’s interpretation of life. Instead, think on the many blessings in your life – even the simplest things – and insert those in the forefront of your reality.

Adopt an innocent, child-like faith in the positive possibilities that are all around you. Make the choice to reframe your perspective and watch your journey unfold with grace and a fresh vision of simple – yet profound – blessings.

reframe your perspective