Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

The walls you build around yourself to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy. You are not meant to walk this path alone.

The adversity and challenges you face don’t have to be obstacles to the peace and joy you so desire, but means *to* it.

A life without challenge leaves little of which to be joyful, for blessings are less apparent when difficulty is absent. A life without lows strips the jubilation of the highs. A life without hardship is a life without progress.

Let down your guard and open the door. Others who want to help are out there, if you’d just take the time to look. When you allow others to share in your life, you also invite joy to stay awhile.

Don’t let previous experiences keep your walls up. Have the courage to trust others with your heart. Don’t blindly follow or unconditionally trust, but take a chance. Take a leap of faith. Invite another person in.

Share laughter, share joy. Take these moments you’ve been gifted and imprint the world with your zest and love for life. *Now* is the time.