What do hope and chronic illness have to do with one another?

In a word, everything.

When we allow our hope to extinguish, we forfeit our purpose. We miss the vibrant beauty of life and we lose the joy of this very moment. We stray from our compass and lose our way.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) cites that about half of all Americans (117 million people) are affected by one or more chronic health conditions, as of 2012. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (AARDA) articulates that one in five people suffer from autoimmune diseases, with estimates indicating that 75 percent of those are women. What’s more is that the risk of depression for those with chronic illness has been shown to be significantly higher (occurring in 25 to 33 percent of chronic illness patients) than the general population, according to WebMD.

How do we tackle these staggering challenges?

By spreading awareness and hope. One person at a time.

My mission -my big WHY in life- is to spread hope to others living with incurable autoimmune and chronic illnesses. I also want the world to know what our mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, husbands and wives are living with every day: it requires incredible bravery to stare chronic illness in the face and never give up hope.

I’d be delighted to speak to your club, professional organization, school, non-profit or other community group. I’d love to share more about our chronic disease epidemic and the endless hope I have for our future. My talks are designed to inspire, empower and lend a blueprint on how to thrive in life, no matter the circumstances. I’m also happy to customize presentations for your inspirational and educational needs. Feel free to review my Speaker Information Sheet here.

Will you help me spread hope?

Lora Tucker Kaasch - that's me!

Lora Tucker Kaasch

I’d love to hear from you – contact me below!


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