Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

You are a fountain of strength. The odds appear mounted in the favor of an invisible enemy but you refuse to falter, you refuse to give in. When many would see the end of a road, you recognize the false mirage and forge another step forward. Because you believe.

You believe there is more… More blessings, more possibilities, more beauty to life. Storms encircle and rage all around, but your belief is unwavering. your resolve is unshakable. Because you are brave.

Your bravery transcends every facet of your life. Your shoulders bear the burdens of one thousand others, yet you keep going through the pain, through the fear, through the unknown. You take one step forward, then another. And another. Because you persevere. It’s simply what you do.

You persevere because you know the biggest blessings lie just beyond the bulk of this battle. You forge ahead when most would fold. Your eyes, fixed high, see the good in every moment. Because you choose this as your reality.

You choose to create this reality that you live. You choose your thoughts, words, actions and attitude. You choose deliberately because you understand the power of free will. Your choices culminate in this moment; they lead you to where you are now. They lead you to this beautiful crossroads in life where the things you choose embody everything that you stand for.

You are strong beyond measure because you’ve been to hell and back.
You believe because hope is always on your side.
You are brave because you can’t imagine living any other way.
You persevere because quitting isn’t in your vocabulary.
You choose to create your reality because you know this illness doesn’t define you.
You are powerful, wise, beautiful, strong and like no other.
YOU are a Warrior.

biggest blessings


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