Audio Version of Every Day Hope Message:

One of life’s most transformative emotions is contentment. It’s one part letting go, one part gratitude and one part inner peace, with a dash of homemade joy. It’s rare but easy to come by. It’s simple and yet it’s an answer to the most complex. It’s knowing that not everything’s perfect and that’s perfectly okay.

Contentment can’t be bought, traded or bartered. It’s free for the taking but something that eludes most. When the world clamors “more, more, MORE!”, contentment accepts life simply, as it is.

It’s salve for stress and relief for worry. It’s peace for problems and quenches our soul thirst. It’s beautifully sweet and astonishingly simple.

When the tides of life rage around you, invite contentment into your heart. Find gratitude in the smallest moments and think on the good in your life. Accept the reality of today, but never lose the drive to make the reality you experience better.

Start with a smile and feel the seeds of contentment that follow.



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