Strength to Answer the Call

Life may ask a lot of you. And while you may be weary from the journey, you have the strength to answer the call. Push through, persevere and never give up.

When the “new-ness” has worn off and the tingling excitement of a new adventure has lost its sparkle, you’ll find yourself at a pivotal crossroads. To continue or to settle halfway? When you walk with integrity and true purpose, there is only one answer. You find a way to keep going. Every step, however small, is still a step forward. Move in the direction of your dreams.

Don’t be afraid. As you act on your highest dreams, you will inevitably feel push-back. Forces are testing how badly you want this goal, this path you’re walking. Much responsibility is asked of those with the strength to bear it.

You may be required to work especially hard or make extraordinary sacrifices, but that’s okay. It’s par for the course, and you are wholly equipped to handle the demands. Commit your heart and mind to forward progress and have faith that the details will come together, even if you can’t see the complete path.

Every life is given a unique purpose, yet few realize they have the courage and the tools necessary to fulfill their wildest dreams. But you do. It’s all here; everything you need is right in front of you. It will require hard work, but everything worth anything in life does.

You have the strength to answer life’s call. What you do now is up to you.
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